Tin-plate sign - Full of joy - better price!

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Now we explore wall decorations as the latest category: The new, decorative Tin Sign FULL OF JOY depicts the popular ‘Laughing’ Bowl in a retro look.

Why the vintage aesthetic? It’s part of an entirely new product division! The sign is part of the newly launched Vintage Edition of products designed according to the motto: What would our products look like, had it been founded in 1958? The answer arrives in a stylish line of items for kitchen and household with a classic, retro look.

Tin-plate sign FULL OF JOY

Size: 30 cm x 40 cm / 11.8 inch x 15.8 inch

Weight: approx. 405 g

Printed metal sign with embossing

Is packed in a plastic bag

100 % Made in Germany

Weight398 g
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