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If you love your breakfast egg, you want to enjoy it warm too. However, that's not always easy. Sometimes not everyone is there, special requests are still in preparation, salt is missing, cheese and avocado are not yet sliced, and so on. That's where our Egg Cup Hats come into play. They ensure that the soft-boiled delight stays at the right temperature even if breakfast is running late.​​​​​​​

For more than 10 years, the colorful, hand-crocheted Egg Cup Hats with the thick, fluffy pom-pom have been among the favorites in our range. Available in many color combinations and as specials in hip-hop style, bunny hats, summer hats, or nightcaps.

Even the little ones have long fun with the child-friendly Egg Cup Hats.

Marc Eckart, Co-founder/CEO FIFTYEIGHT

The hats are lovingly made by hand.

From the big bang of the Egg Cup Hats universe to today, our hats are made in Germany entirely by hand. Yes, you heard that right – by hand! No machine somewhere in an industrial hall spitting out hats at lightning speed.
On the contrary, the production of our hats is a highly familiar and personal affair. Our motto "made with love" is almost an understatement. Christa and Harald, at home in Schönwald in the peaceful Franconia, have been crocheting all our hats from the beginning. Equipped with truly masterful crochet skills and never-ending supplies of the good myboshi wool from Christa's Wollstübchen. If you ask Christa how long she has been pursuing her favorite hobby, you'll be amazed to learn that she could crochet since she was a little girl, even before she learned to read and write.
A passion that animates every single hats and makes it something very special. The fact that we've never ever had a single complaint about the hats is truly the icing on the cake of our long-standing collaboration with the two. However, how the division of labor came about, Christa makes the hats, Harald makes the pom-poms, remains a secret.

What could be more important in these times than working with people who are committed to delighting others and do it with love.

Max Zimmermann, Co-founder/CEO FIFTYEIGHT

Because many of you have long wanted to know where these magical hats come from, during our last visit to Christa and Harald's "Wollstübchen," we not only said "thank you" but also shot a little film. We met people who are committed to delighting others and do what they do with love.
So, with our hand-crocheted* hats, you not only have some funny eye-catchers on the table but also a unique piece that you will enjoy for a long time.

And now, we wish you lots of fun with our hats and a peek behind the scenes with the film "Making the Egg Cup Hats".

Click here to go directly to the movie

*Apropos crocheting and knitting: We know the difference today, but we had to learn it first. Both techniques have their own tools, methods, and characteristics. Knitting is usually done with two or more needles. Crocheting, on the other hand, only requires one needle, known as a crochet hook. Crocheted fabrics are usually firmer and more stable. So perfect for our hats.

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