Wow, what a moment! We’ve just finished our latest TASSEN film together with Badesalz. If you know our films, you’ll know that good or even just funny sayings have always been our thing. Our two founding members, Max Zimmerman and Timm Osterhold, have thought up and delivered plenty of jokes over the years. This passion didn’t just come from nowhere.

If we’d put a euro in the coffee jar every time we quoted Badesalz, we’d probably all be millionaires!

Max Zimmermann, founding member / CEO of FIFTYEIGHT

A particularly subtle, bone-dry humour drenched in Hessian local colour spoke to the pair. So it’s no wonder that they’ve both been Badesalz fans since their youth. We don’t want to know how often they’ve laughed their heads off at Hessian cult comedians Gerd Knebel and Henni Nachtsheim. Everyone at FIFTYEIGHT is over the moon about this new collaboration with Badesalz.

My sense of humour has been strongly influenced by Badesalz.

Timm Osterhold, founding member / CEO of FIFTYEIGHT

Timm Osterhold brings the Mugs to life.

We haven’t yet mentioned the main actors in our next film out of sheer excitement. Paul and Henry, two travel mugs, have just realised that they’ve been chosen to finally go out and see the big wide world. The pair hasn’t seen much so far, other than a petrol station in Offenbach. Mühlheim is probably next on the agenda. So there’s lots of fun to come.

Unsere To Go Becher haben auch Spaß verdient. Schließlich sind sie dafür gemacht, lange Freude zu bereiten. Denn im Gegensatz zu vielen Wegwerf-Kollegen aus Pappe oder Plastik, sind sie aus feinem Porzellan gefertigt. Made in Germany natürlich.

And to make sure their owners don’t burn their fingers, we’ve given them a cool sleeve in 4 colours to complement their lids – made from recyclable TPE no less.

Speaking of Badesalz, travel and the big wide world: ‘Do you always want to roam further? See, goodness is so close. Simply learn to gasp the happiness, as happiness is always there.’ That’s not one from Badesalz or FIFTYEIGHT, but another cool Hessian dude, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

So grab your ‘mug to go’, fill it with your favourite coffee or tea, and make the best out of where you are right now. Catch you later, you Globetrotter!

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