Vitamin-charged home office

First things first: We sincerely hope that you’ve made it through the coronavirus crisis safely so far and that you and your loved ones are doing well as you read this story.

While the pandemic continues its hold on our planet and we are gradually taking small steps toward resuming some semblance of normalcy, life goes on. Anyone who knows us personally will attest that we cultivate a very positive approach to life and an optimistic overall outlook. This attitude has proven extremely helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our optimism helps maintain our team spirit and keep focusing our energy on the relevant things in life as we deal with home office work, video conferences and social distancing guidelines.

Masked hero of our times

Dealing with the crisis also included an intense discussion on how we could make a contribution towards keeping these times in our collective memory. Answer: A TASSEN bowl with a face mask!

After lengthy debate, we concluded that there are many good reasons why we should welcome this new character into the TASSEN family. Most of all, the face mask is a clear symbol of change on an enormous scale. Nothing in the past decades has disrupted our daily lives and routines, as well as our social interactions, like the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, nothing was the same and we had to adapt to the new situation, no matter how inconvenient that was.

Leaving our own comfort zone was no longer an option, but the only way forward. And in that light, staying optimistic and being hopeful about the future was the natural response.

Design representing shared values

With that said, this new bowl design represents our shared values, taking responsibility for each other’s safety and the unwavering belief that everything is going to be alright. The face mask serves as an iconic symbol for everything the global community is facing together at the moment in 2020. For this reason, it’s also an important time to be remembered in the future. In that light, our bowl could become a witness to history. And of course, it’s also fully usable for serving food and enjoying tasty treats in your home.

So now you know the essence of what led us to the decision to process our collective feelings about the current time into a new TASSEN product. In order to make it reality, we had to overcome two challenges: First, how would it be possible to shorten the usual lead time for bringing a new product to the table from one year down to a few months, so we could offer the new bowl by mid-2020? And second, what should we even call this new TASSEN character?

Thanks to the extremely great cooperation between the entire team at FIFTYEIGHT and our manufacturing partner (extra special thanks for the amazing initiative on this project), we managed to make it happen. So with this in mind, this new TASSEN product also makes a strong case for what is possible when we all focus our energy on a common goal. And the question of naming the new bowl also came as a natural reflection of our attitude in facing this crisis, so the new TASSEN bowl is called HOPEFUL.

HOPEFUL – nothing is more apt to describe how we want to meet this crisis.

Marc Eckart, Co-Founder & CEO at FIFTYEIGHT

Kitchen Art

This is our shared belief that will continue to guide us in the future when it comes to manifesting what we stand for in this world: HOPEFULNESS and HAPPINESS.

And here’s another positive note:

For every one of our new HOPEFUL bowls sold, we are donating 1 euro to a positive cause.

In closing, we hope that you will stay safe and healthy and hope that you will enjoy this new member of the TASSEN family.

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