Donations for a helpful and beneficial cause

2020 will be remembered as a year that made incredible demands on many people. A year that has faced communities across the globe with extreme challenges and hardships. But it was also a year that proved the power of solidarity and mindful action in overcoming the crisis.

This is exactly the point we wanted to make by adding a protective face mask to the character design of one of our most popular products: The ‘Hopeful’ porcelain bowl is a symbol for shared values, taking responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and the unwavering belief that everything is going to be okay.

Right from the start, we committed to donating 1 euro for every bowl sold to a helpful and beneficial cause in different countries. Whenever 5,000 units of the ‘Hopeful’ bowl are sold, we will donate the amount to an organization or facility.

On that note, we would like to once again thank all of our customers and business partners for making a contribution with their purchase.


Oct, 8 2020


5'000 EURO

As a company based in the town of Frankfurt, it was very important for us to dedicate the first donation to an initiative here in the region. And to make sure that it goes to people who make a special effort and commitment during the coronavirus pandemic, namely doctors and caregivers working on the frontlines of the crisis.

We were especially delighted to have the opportunity to speak in person about the initiative with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Graf, Head of the Board and Clinical Director of the University Hospital. As a result, we mutually agreed that the donation should benefit the in-house daycare center for clinic staff, the “Unistrolche” (“Little University rascals”), and its mission.

Marc Eckart and Saskia Gleixner (FIFTYEIGHT) handing over the donation.
Images (c) Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

Further talks with Gabi Ehnert-Besbes, Women’s and Equal Opportunity Commissioner and in charge of the daycare, were supplemented by feedback from the director of the daycare center, Angelika Cron. As a result, we were able to identify the perfect project to make a long-term, and most importantly to us, noticeable impact. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the daycare center’s room layout and facilities need to be adapted to a constantly changing set of ramifications. Especially in the fall and winter season, the risk of infection is bound to increase because the children can spend fewer time playing outdoors due to inclement weather. In order to keep classes separate from one another, the initially open room concept needed to be changed and adapted to an enlarged room offering that is still attractive to children. These measures included a redesign of the so-called ‘Construction Room’ in the important ‘Building and Construction’ developmental course segment.

Supporting this expansion is a win-win: The children at the daycare center enjoy a safe and educational environment while the parents can focus on their important jobs at the University Hospital.

We are hopeful that we will be able to award the next installment of donations very soon thanks to your amazing help. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks again!

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