Some folks may recall our postcard graphic from a few years ago, released around the Holidays, showing a TASSEN bowl spewing out a stream of cinnamon star cookies.

Postcard Motive

Back then, many people found it extremely funny.

Plus, a considerable number insisted that we should make this ‘barfing’ bowl a real-life character in the TASSEN family of porcelain bowls.

Customer feedback and ideas are a constant part of our daily work process. After all, these kinds of direct and important suggestions have led to quite a few actual products in the popular TASSEN range over the years.

Whenever the TASSEN Community chimes in with heartfelt ideas, it leads to really special products.

Edina Poric, Head of Marketing & Distribution, FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

So when it came to making the ‘barfing’ bowl a reality, we were ready to dive into this crazy opportunity. But as it turned out, this one posed even more technical challenges than our usual porcelain manufacturing process.

That’s because firing porcelain in the high-temperature oven is already an art of its own. But when you add a gaping hole in the front of the bowl to the equation, it gets even more complicated.

Then again, we’re known for always enjoying a challenge, especially when a crazy new product is involved. Speaking of crazy: Maybe the new ‘barfing’ bowl is totally bonkers at first sight, but upon closer inspection it’s also kind of endearing and definitely an eye catcher.

Just to say we told you – disclaimer! – this one is not meant for enjoying soup or other liquids (duh). But the bowl definitely adds a spectacular presentation to sweet and salty treats that snack lovers can’t get enough of while putting a literal twist on tossing one’s cookies.

At first sight it’s a crazy idea - a bowl with a hole - but that’s true for many world’s first products ;)

Marc Eckart, Co-Founder/CEO, FIFTYEIGHT

Is there a more original way to present snacks? Hard to say… But we’ve never seen tasty treats tumble out of a bowl in small bursts, waiting to be devoured.

At least until now.

All the sweet berries, fragrant cookies, chocolate eggs, nuts and crackers find a new way to make a grand entry on the stage with the ‘barfing’ bowl.

It’s a grand entry in every sense of the word, since we went ahead and made this one a big bowl at a smashing 1-liter capacity!

So with that said, please welcome the ‘barfing’ bowl.

Another fan idea turned reality in premium porcelain, as always with a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humor.

And who couldn’t use a laugh these days?

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