The mouth is a gateway to health.

Every day anew.

(chinese proverb)

Some time ago, we here at FIFTYEIGHT management thought about ways in which we can support our employees even better while strengthening morale and team spirit.

The main requirement: This was to be a regular, consistent event that would be enjoyed by everyone on the team…

Not an easy task, but finally we had an idea:

Host regular lunches with the entire FIFTYEIGHT crew enjoying delicious foods at our office dining table!

The entire thing panned out as follows:

On one day of the week, we would all convene at the same time around the table for lunch, just as if we’d scheduled a lunch meet at a restaurant.

Nobody would have to fend for themselves to bring food or run errands on those days. Nobody would have to get takeout. Instead, we would all just sit down at a set table to chow down on freshly cooked, tasty food. And then slump into our office chairs in a deep, blissful food coma…

Sounds amazing, but then again, who would put in all the effort of cooking up these marvelous feasts?

Fortunately, one of our managing partners, Max Zimmermann, happens to be married to a passionate chef.

Carina Zimmermann ( has been cooking and baking for several design agencies in the Frankfurt area and perfected her own signature style over the years:

Extraordinary meals, in which seasonal and local vegetables play the starring role. Always vegetarian, sometimes even entirely vegan (in a sleek, discrete fashion).

The special characteristic behind Canari Cooking’s culinary art is the fact that her processes are based on an expansive knowledge of Chinese dietary science.

You may well call it ‘therapeutic cuisine’ since it entails the 2000-year-old wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and aims towards strengthening the body’s immune defenses while aligning body and soul in harmony.

Since last summer, Canari has been cooking for the FIFTYEIGHT team and everyone is always excited when it’s Canari Day, like a bunch of giddy children eager to see what mom has brought to the table. Although ‘mom’ in this case is younger than pretty much everyone on the squad.

For us it has been a pleasure and a privilege to enjoy this healthy, delicious food before hitting our workstations reenergized and refreshed.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has shut down work at our HQ and we have switched to lean, decentralized and remote work processes. No big deal, we can still get work done. But Canari’s tasty feasts had to be postponed for the foreseeable future.

But since it’s also very much about the TEAM SPIRIT and we miss the sense of community, we want to keep the whole thing going while inviting all of you to the table.

Our world will be a bit different than before. So why not assign food created with local ingredients the importance which it deserves.

- Max Zimmermann (CEO and co-founder at FIFTYEIGHT)

With that said, we’d like to share a Taste of FIFTYEIGHT with our entire community!

By launching the Taste of FIFTYEIGHT initiative, we would like to play our part in spreading awareness of health-enhancing, uncomplicated and enjoyable dishes in these trying times.

Our main priority lies with making sure that these dishes are easy to make at home, amazingly delicious and great for mind and body.

With that said, we look forward to sharing our Taste of FIFTYEIGHT once per week on our social media channels!

We hope that you are equally inspired to try these recipes and enjoy making them as much as we do while we all #stayathome.

Part one in the series is cooking up as we speak. For all those who would rather not wait an entire week until the first recipe drops, just pop on over to Carina’s Instagram @canari_cooking

Stay tuned for more, we hope you’re hungry!

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