Imagine this: It’s a cozy Sunday afternoon. You’re chilling, spread out on the sofa in relaxed contemplation. You let your eyes wander around the room. Lots of love for detail, select designer pieces, artwork, books, nice lamps. Totally your style.

Then you scan the ceiling. But really, not much going on up there.

But wait!

Your synapses fire up. Your eyes come to a rest on the canopy holding your ceiling lights in place. What kind of style faux pas is this?! An emotionless piece of cold plastic, not even hanging from the ceiling in a straight line… Bummer!

Why on earth has no one come up with a more stylish solution for this? Maybe because the ceiling is widely unexplored territory for designers? Who knows? Sure, you can buy light canopies in a few different colorways, like red, black, silver and even green. Some made from cheap plastic, or even some metal options.

But overall, it’s a rather drab selection.

Time to level up your ceiling! But how?!

There really is an upside to just taking a long, relaxed glance at your ceiling.

Max Zimmermann, Designer and Co-Founder, FIFTYEIGHT

CEELINGS development department

This is pretty much how the genesis of CEELINGS transpired. When Max Zimmermann returned to the office and told his partners about the idea the next day, they immediately caught fire for the idea. The thought was electrifying. The ceiling could become a playground for new designs! Time to turn the world on its head, change perspective, and see things in a new light (fixture).

What happened next, was three exciting years of research and development and lots and lots of questions. Factors like design, material, attachment, manufacturing and marketing all needed clarification.

This meant lots of ups and downs, a steep learning curve and lots of emotions.

Handful Of Light

But hey, now they’re here!

A new tribe of products living high up on the ceilings. Soulful characters, likeable, stylish, humorous and full of emotions.

Introducing: CEELINGS – the new product family from the makers of TASSEN porcelain. Say hello to the “Handful Of Light” and “Happy Hermann” as the first members of the new CEELINGS family.

Happy Hermann

Complementing the launch, we’re also releasing a full package of new films.

FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION went hard in the paint and produced not one, but two new clips: A humorous image video, a how-to-instructional on installing CEELINGS on lights in your home, as well as a cool behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process.

Click here to watch the movies now!

As a new line of FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS, the CEELINGS family has inherited some of our best genes. This starts with the origins: Everything is made 100% in Germany according to social and environmental guidelines. Plus, we’re keeping it local and delivery chains as short as possible. That’s because everything – design, toolmaking, production and packaging at a sheltered workshop – happens within a 30-kilometer radius of our headquarters in the city of Frankfurt.

For me it’s incredibly important that everything is well thought out and functional.

Timm Osterhold, Co-Founder/CEO, FIFTYEIGHT

Injection mold for high quality ABS plastic

Here’s a quick word on the material used in CEELINGS: Everyone knows that FIFTYEIGHT has high standards, so we rely on premium ABS plastic in all of our CEELINGS products. This ensures a long lifespan, resistance to corrosion and color retention for a long time. ABS plastic also plays nice with the recycling chain and is 100% reusable.

With that said, we are incredibly thrilled about how things turned out with this new line. Looking up at the ceiling just got a whole lot more interesting and your upscale designer lights now have an equally cool canopy to hang from – a real win-win.

These new roommates are ready to move in, just let us know when!

„Level up your lights“ – CEELINGS is coming to a home near you.

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