Is it art? Or is it trash?

Our very first art trade show! Wow, we've come a long way! And our CANNICS ARTBANG sure drew some attention due to its diverse content...

As the world's first interdisciplinary trade fair for convergent art, BLOOOM drew visitors from November 1-4 2012 as a partner event to ART.FAIR in Cologne, Germany. The show featured projects not only based on established means of expression, but also takes inspiration from related fields such as architecture, literature, music, fashion, street art and film.

In cooperation with the artists' association CREATE BERLIN, we premiered our Cannics project in the art world – and the response was highly encouraging.

We already have our eyes on the next art event to showcase our goods... let us know if you have any leads.

CANNICS at BLOOOM in Cologne, Germany (November 2012)
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