What happens when over 40 international artists put their own characteristic spin on identical CANNICS figurines? Well, let's call it "high art" – or simply, "CANNICS ARTBANG!"

Agreed, the whole "remix" thing has been part of the art world for a considerable amount of time now. But still, the diversity and multitude of approaches unleashed by the CANNICS ARTBANG project can be considered rather unique, especially keeping in mind the level of quality in all the individual pieces.


We're well aware that the term "art" has been stretched rather thinly, and that ultimately, it's all in the eye of the beholder. And maybe individual pieces are not the only thing to be considered as art, but rather also the entire project. Anyhow, no matter how you see it, ultimately it's all about personal taste and enjoyment (so send us your comments, if you like).

When we started CANNICS ARTBANG, we asked 40 international creatives from our network if they would like to have a go at remixing our trusty mascot, yellow chubby CANNICS; either as a vinyl figurine, or 3D-data.

The most exciting part about the project is that contributing artists hail from the most diverse industries and artistic backgrounds, which brought a healthy dose of unconventional approaches to the table.


Our list of artists includes jacks of all trades: AUDI automotive design, street artists, former graffiti sprayers, Web designers, carpenters, full-time artists, porcelain designers, fishing afficionados, concept artists, writers, hair dresser, goldsmith, packaging artists and illustrators – pretty much everything.

At the same time, it would be rather limiting to pigeonhole any of these artists by applying one of these monickers, as most of their work and personalities defies any attempt at categorization.


One third of all proceeds from selling the pieces went to the anti-harrassment organization GEGEN MISSBRAUCH, the largest association in Germany providing fast and non-bureaucratic help to victims of abuse. And we also decided to put the slogan

"YOUR WORLD IN MY SMILE" on the packaging of every CANNICS. Because if our clumsy mascot can manage to put a smile on people's faces whose lives have taken a dark turn recently, we could hardly ask for more.

Check out the image gallery from the event for a virtual tour around CANNICS ARTBANG, and please keep in mind that some of the pieces are still available in our shop. On that note, we would also like to thank all the artists that supported the project and contributed their work to a great cause. You guys are the best!

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