Bowls, 7-piece set, assorted colors inside 500 ml

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The glorious Seven are coming at you with some color

We spiced our glorious Faces up with some color from the inside and bundled them in a set of 7 for you.

Our 500 ml bowl GRINNING pistachio inside, SULKING sand inside, KISSING berry inside, HAPPY jade inside, DREAMY ocean inside, TASTY pine inside and LAUGHING lavender inside + 5 postcards.

Perfect for cereal, soups, salads, pasta, nuts and much more.

Applies for each bowl

Capacity: approx. 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz

Height: approx. 10 cm / 3.9 inch

Cross section: approx. 15 cm / 5.1 inch

Dishwasher and microwave-safe

Genuine hard porcelain, break-proof hotel quality

Footed base, enameled top rim

100% Made in Germany

All items shipped in exclusively designed gift boxes.

This set consists of:
Bowl "Grinning" pistachio inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Sulking" sand inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Kissing" berry inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Happy" jade inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Dreamy" ocean inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Tasty" pine inside, 500 ml
Bowl "Laughing" lavender inside, 500 ml
Postcards Set (5 different postcards)
Postcards Set (5 different postcards)
Weight4.8 kg
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