CEELINGS - Happy Hermann

without words
Why our HAPPY HERMANN is beaming from the ceiling?

The key to discovering new things is to look at the world with open eyes. That’s especially true for the fun tribe of spirited characters in our CEELINGS series, who inhabit a mostly unexplored world above our heads. While most people pay little mind to room ceilings, our little friends have staked out their natural habitat up there. But even at such lofty heights, it’s sometimes best to tread carefully – or risk getting into a major tussle.

Our friend HAPPY HERMANN learns this the hard way in our latest video. But hey, he comes out enlightened and happily beamin’ from the ceilin’…

© Film production by FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION

Sounddesign by A.R.T. STUDIOS GmbH/Frankfurt a.M.

Music by DNA MUSIK GmbH

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