She loves me

Love has a way of rocking your world and throwing everything out of whack. That’s exactly what our laid-back flower vase is experiencing in the latest animated film from TASSEN. Usually it’s the vase’s job to serve other people’s flower greetings. But now the vase decides to get its own love life in order.

If only that were so simple…

Because our little vase is, simply put, a little lopsided in its ways. Perhaps that’s because all those hormones have fried its brain. Or it was left out in the burning sun a tad bit too long…

Who can say?!

One thing that’s for certain is that the vase will bring a healthy dose of craziness to the world of TASSEN in its debut as an animated film character – it’s gonna be fun!

As usual, the film was produced entirely in-house by our FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION Team.

Watch the new TASSEN Film now.

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