Playstation Vita feat CANNICS Episode 1

Our trusty CANNICS is used to some pretty rough treatment, but facing the power of the SONY Playstation Vita’s Dual-Analog-Sticks, our chubby yellow friend finds himself hanging on for dear life. This is the first of ten tutorial videos explaining the Playstation Vita’s features with no holds barred, no prisoners taken.

About the CANNICS x Playstation Vita videos Creative agency Lommel & Ludwig reached out with a unique opportunity for our yellow friend CANNICS, the official FIFTYEIGHT 3D company mascot: Walk customers through the many features of the new SONY Playstation Vita handheld system – released in February 2012 – and (per the usual) brace himself for some mild physical abuse. Accompanying the market release of the Playstation Vita, the ten CANNICS tutorial videos were released on the official German Playstation YouTube channel (some episodes have scored over 220,000 Views so far), and at SONY press events. The clips were awarded the Bronze Nail for 3rd place at the ADC Awards.

This movie has been produced by FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION. (2012)

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