Cannics 23
Cannics 23
Cannics 23
Cannics 23

It's OK now

500.00 €
(incl. 19% VAT)

One-of-a-kind piece from the Cannics ArtBang Collection


Lacquer paint and hand-painted details on vinyl figurine with dried color spots.

Everyone was shocked by the gigantic oil spill mess caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. Off-shore drilling is not for everybody, and there’s also different ways to handle things when there’s a disaster.

This CANNICS is a tongue-in-cheek response to BP’s PR efforts during this environmental catastrophe. “Hey, we have everything under control... IT’S OKAY NOW!” Except, nothing has really been okay there.

Artist: Timm Osterhold

Fiftyeight 3D GmbH: 3D Animator & Founder


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